Guests, Schedule & Pricing


The Show at Chantilly March 29-31, 2019


Dulles Expo Center

4320 Chantilly Shopping Center

Chantilly, VA 20151

Show Hours: Friday 2 p.m.-8 p.m.     Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.       Sunday  10 a.m.-4 p.m.


Friday 2:00-8:00pm $5
Friday FREE with Advance Ticket Purchase

Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm $10
Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm $10

Weekend Pass
$20 at Door

Kids 12 & under are FREE

Show Hours
Friday, March 29, 2019 2 p.m.-8 p.m.
Saturday, March 30, 2019 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.
Sunday, March 31, 2019 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

At Show Pricing Only…See Mail Order Tab for “Your Item” Price List

Small flats are items that are 11×14 inches or smaller, such as cards, photos, books and magazines.

Large Flats are items larger than 11×14 inches such as photos or posters.

Mini items are mini helmets or mini basketballs.

Premium items are full-size helmets, basketballs, footballs, bats or jerseys.

Inscription ticket must be accompanied by an autograph ticket.

Guests will NOT add an inscription to a previously signed item.

BB’s are baseballs and are considered a small flat.

Original art work is usually a premium unless otherwise noted.

Baseball Equipment usually falls under the Large Flat category.

Photo Ops are taken by a professional photographer from Great American Photo. Up to 5 people can be in the photo.
Pictures are color glossy 8×10’s printed while you wait.
Expect wait times to increase during high volume shows.
Photo op service provided by Great American Photo

Elvin Hayes inscriptions $15 or $25 for “Game of the Century”. Mr Hayes will Not do Photo Op’s.

Hanson Brothers
Price includes an Autograph from each guest, Jeff Carlson , Steve Carlson, & Dave Hanson. Inscription is $15 per guest. The Hanson Brothers won’t sign McFarlane figures. Special photo op $50

Kareem Abdul Jabbar will not sign numbers or custom jerseys. Jersey’s must be officially licensed Mitchell & Ness. Artwork/NBA 50 Litho/Game Used Autograph Ticket is $270

Billy Johnson will autograph his  full signature “Billy White Shoes Johnson”  for $30.

Lynn Swann will only do HOF or SB MVP inscriptions.  He will not sign  personalizations or do Photo Op’s.  He will not sign trading cards, Goal Line Art Cards, unlicensed Jerseys, or jersey numbers.

ImagePlayerBioDay SigningTimeSmall Flat/BBsLarge FlatMini/Equip.PremiumInscriptionPhoto Op
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem NBA LegendSunday11:45am-1:00pm110130130170/270*70110
Aikman, Troy 2006 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday12:45-2:00pm135135135150150/HOF Only Limited Quantities Available N/A
Allen, Jonathan Washington Redskins Defensive EndSaturday12:30-1:30pm353535351035
Archibald, Nate "Tiny" 1991 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of FameSunday11:00am-12:00pm40404040HOF 91 Free/1540
Awuzie, ChidobeDallas Cowboys CornerbackSunday2:00-3:00pm303030301030
Bailey, Champ 2019 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday1:15-2:30pm10010010012545100
Baines, Harold Inscription Ticket...$10Baines, Harold 2019 National Baseball Hall of FameSunday11:00am-12:00pm606060702560
Barry, Rick 1987 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of FameSunday12:00-1:00pm5050506020N/A
Bing, Dave1990 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of FameSunday11:15am-12:15pm40404040HOF Free/1540
Boyd, Tyler Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Saturday1:45-2:45pm404040401040
Brandt, Gil2019 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday1:15-2:15pm454545452019 HOF Free45
Breida, MattSan Francisco 49ers Running BackSunday12:00-1:00pm404040402040
Brunell, Mark Super Bowl XLIV ChampionSaturday1:15-2:15pm404040501040
Charlton, Taco Photo Op Ticket...$40Charlton, Taco Dallas Cowboys Defensive EndSunday1:30-2:30pm404040401040
Chubb, Nick Cleveland Browns Running BackSaturday12:30-1:30pm606060602560
Cole, KeelanJacksonville Jaguars Wide ReceiverSaturday1:45-2:45pm353535351035
Conner, JamesPittsburgh Steelers Running BackSunday1:00-2:00pm656565752565
Cooper, Amari Dallas Cowboys Wide ReceiverSunday1:15-2:30pm10010010010035100
Dandridge, Bobby 2x NBA ChampionSunday11:00am-12:00pm353535351035
Dantley, Adrian 2008 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of FameSunday11:15am-12:15pm30303030HOF Free/1030
Diggs, StefonMinnesota Vikings Wide ReceiverSunday2:00-3:00pm707070803070
Douglas, BusterFormer Boxing ChampionSunday1:30-2:30pm404040402040
Ebron, EricIndianapolis Colts Tight EndSunday12:30-1:30pm606060602060
Faulk, Marshall 2011 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday2:30-3:30pm757575952575
Fouts, Dan 1993 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday2:15-3:15pm8585851002585
Gervin, George 1996 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of FameSunday11:00am-12:00pm4040405015N/A
Gossage, Rich "Goose" 2008 National Baseball Hall of FameSunday2:00-3:00PM505070702550
Green, A.J. Premium Autograph Ticket...$80Green, A.J. Cincinnati Bengals Wide ReceiverCanceledCanceled707070802570
Grier, Will Pro Football Rookie QuarterbackSaturday11:15am-12:15pm606060602060
Griffin III, Robert2011 Heisman Trophy WinnerSaturday2:30-3:30pm656565753065
Hampton, Dan 2002 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday1:30-2:30pm40404050Hof 02 Free/1540
Harding, Tonya Olympic Figure SkaterSaturday12:00-1:00pm505050502050
Hayes, Elvin 1990 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of FameSunday11:30am-12:30pm4040405015/25 Game of the Century*N/A*
Hendricks, Ted Small Flat/Mini Autograph Ticket...$45Hendricks, Ted 1990 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday12:45-1:45pm45757575/125 jerseys1 Free/2545
Hill, TyreekKansas City Chiefs Wide ReceiverSaturday12:45-1:45pm656565652565
Hooper, Austin Atlanta Falcons Tight EndSaturday12:00-1:00pm404040401540
Irvin, Michael  Premium Autograph Ticket...$150 Irvin, Michael2007 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday12:45-1:45pm135135135150/195 Triplet Items50150
Jack, MylesJacksonville Jaguars LinebackerSaturday1:00-2:00pm606060602060
Johnson, Billy "White Shoes" 3x Pro Bowl Wide ReceiverSaturday11:30am-12:30pm30*3030301030
Joiner, Charlie Photo Op Ticket...$30Joiner, Charlie1996 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday2:30-3:30pm30303030HOF Free30
Kittle, GeorgeSan Francisco 49ers Tight EndSunday12:30-1:30PM606060602060
Largent, Steve 1995 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday11:15am-12:15pm50505050HOF Free/2050
Lewis, Ray2018 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday11:45am-12:45pm14514514519560145
Lindsay, Phillip Denver Broncos Running BackSaturday1:30-2:30pm656565652565
Lofton, James2003 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday1:00-2:00pm454545551 Free/2545
Manziel, Johnny 2012 Heisman Trophy WinnerSaturday1:00-2:00pm858585852585
McCardell, Keenan2x Super Bowl ChampionSaturday1:30-2:30pm303030301030
Michel, SonySuper Bowl LIII ChampionSaturday12:45-1:45pm10010010010040100
Moss, Randy Inscription Ticket...$70Moss, Randy2018 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday12:45-2:00pm19519519522575/ Limit 1 per item195
Moss, SantanaFormer Washington Redskins Pro BowlerSaturday12:15-1:15pm404040401540
Newton, Nate3x Super Bowl ChampionSunday12:00-1:00PM353535351035
Otto, Jim Photo Op Ticket...$40Otto, Jim1980 Pro Football Hall of FameCanceledCanceled40404040HOF Free40
Parish, Robert 2003 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of FameSunday12:15-1:15pm505050601550
Payne, Daron Washington Redskins Nose TackleSaturday12:30-1:30pm353535351035
Prescott, Dak Photo Op Ticket...$155 Prescott, DakDallas Cowboys QuarterbackSunday1:30-2:45pm15515515518560155
Reed, Ed2019 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday11:00am-12:150m12512512515060N/A
Riggins, John Photo Op Ticket...$100Riggins, John 1992 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday11:30am-12:30pm10013013015040100
Rypien, Mark Photo Op  Ticket...$50Rypien, Mark 2X Super Bowl ChampionSaturday11:45am-12:45pm505050501 Free/2050
Sanders, MilesPenn State Rookie Running BackSaturday1:45-2:45pm303030301030
Shantz, Bobby 1952 AL MVPSunday12:30-1:30pm252525251952 AL MVP Free/1030
Shazier, Ryan Premium Autograph Ticket...$60Shazier, Ryan Pittsburgh Steelers LinebackerSunday12:15-1:15pm606060602560
Smith, Emmitt Premium Autograph Ticket...$285 Smith, Emmitt2010 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday11:15am-12:15pm235235235285185235
Smith, Harrison Inscription Ticket...$20Smith, Harrison Minnesota Vikings Free Safety Sunday2:15-3:15pm505050502050
Smith, JaylonDallas Cowboys LinebackerSunday1:00-2:00pm707070702070
Smith, Lee2019 National Baseball Hall of FameSunday1:15-2:15pm707010010035 HOF
25 Others
Smith, RoquanChicago Bears LinebackerSaturday12:15-1:15pm656565652565
Smith-Schuster, JuJu Inscription Ticket...$25Smith-Schuster, JuJu Pittsburgh Steelers Wide ReceiverSunday1:45-2:45pm959595953095
Sutton, Don 1998 National Baseball Hall of FameSunday1:30-2:30pm404040401 Free/2040
Swann, Lynn2001 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday2:00-3:00pm22022022025050N/A
The Hanson BrothersSlap Shot Movie StarsSunday11:00am-12:00pm607070701550
Theismann, Joe Super Bowl XVII ChampionSaturday11:30am-12:30pm606060601 Free/25N/A
Thielen, Adam Minnesota Vikings Wide ReceiverSunday1:30-2:30pm858585952585
Triplet Super TicketTroy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin Sunday525525525585Does Not Include Inscriptions. Must be purchased separatelyN/A
Tucker, JustinBaltimore Ravens KickerSaturday11:15am-12:15pm505050502050
Tyson, Mike Small/Large Flat Autograph Ticket...$125Tyson, Mike Boxing LegendSunday11:45AM-1:00pm125125150150 Glove/250 BeltN/A100
Vander Esch, Leighton Dallas Cowboys LinebackerSaturday12:15-1:30pm808080803080
Watt, T.J.Pittsburgh Steelers LinebackerCanceledCanceled656565752565
Wayne, Reggie Super Bowl XLI ChampionSaturday2:30-3:30pm7070709030/up to 3 words70
Wehrli, Roger2007 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday1:30-2:30pm303030301 Free/1o30
Williams, Doug Photo Op Ticket...$65Williams, Doug Super Bowl XXII Champion & MVPSaturday11:30am-12:30pm656565651 Free/2565
Winslow, Kellen Photo Op  Ticket...$45Winslow, Kellen1995 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday2:00-3:00pm454545451045
Woodson, Rod Small Flat Autograph Ticket...$60Woodson, Rod2009 Pro Football Hall of FameCanceledCanceled607070802060
Yary, Ron2001 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday11:30am-12:30pm404040401 Free/1040

The Forward Area

The Show at Chantilly March 29-31, 2019

There are NO tickets for the Forward Autograph Area, therefore you cannot buy advance tickets for Forward Area guests before the show.
You do not need to come to the CSA Booth in order to purchase Forward Area autographs.
In order to purchase an autograph from a Forward Area guest, simply pay at the table where you get your item signed.

Mail Order items are available for Forward Area guests on the Mail Order page.

 GuestBioDayTimeCostCourtesy of
Michael BeckActor, Swann, The Warriors, XanaduFriday, Saturday, & Sunday$40 Autograph or Selfie,
$60 Combo (Auto & Selfie)
Capital Sports Decor
Tanea BrooksRebel
Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
TNA Wrestler
Lingerie Football League Player NY Euphoria
Sunday12:00-4:00pm$15 Autograph
$15 photo op
$25 combo
Breast Cancer Fund
Mike Collier2x Super Bowl ChampionSunday12:00-2:00pm$15Breast Cancer Fund
Gerry CooneyFormer Boxing StarSaturday11:00am-1:00pm$20 autograph
$20 photo op
$30 combo
Field & Screen Promotions and J&S Promotions

Mark DodsonVoice Actor
Voiced most of the Gremlins in part 1 and 2.

Voice actor for multiple Star Wars films including the character Salacious Crumb
Saturday11:30am-2:00pm$20 autograph
$10 photo op/$5 with auto purchase
$25 combo
The Philadelphia Connection and Above Average Graphing
Warrington Gillette"Jason Voorhees" in
Friday the 13th Part 2
Saturday & SundayAutographs: $30
Photo Op: Free w/purchase
Cato JuneSuper Bowl XLI ChampionSunday12:00-2:00pm$20Breast Cancer Fund
Artimus PyleLynyrd Skynyrd Drummer, Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2006CanceledCanceledCanceledPro Legends
Gianni RussoPlayed Carlo from the GodfatherSaturday12:00-3:00pm$20 any itemPro Legends
Pedro SierraCareer: 1954-1958
Position: p
Teams: Indianapolis Clowns, Detroit Stars
Friday, Saturday, SundayFriday 2:00-8:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm
8.5x 11 signed photo $20 , signed baseball cards and 6x9 signed card $10 each, set of 9 cards signed $70, 11x 17 baseball career collage photos signed $35, signature on items $20 , autographed baseball $20, baseball glove holder and baseball signed both $40, 12x18 signed posters $30, 11x 17 1956 Detroit Stars team picture signed $25, 24x36 vinyl Negro Leagues Hall of Famers $200. CSA SHOWS
Felix SillaCousin Itt in the Adam’s Family

A Ewok in Return of the Jedi
Twiki in Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century
Saturday 11:30am-2:00pm$20 autograph
$10 photo op
$25 combo
The Philadelphia Connection and Above Average Graphing
Ricky "The Dragon" SteamboatWrestling LegendSaturday11:00am-1:00pm$30 autograph
$20 photo op
$40 combo
Field & Screen Promotions and J&S Promotions
Alex Vincent"Andy Barclay" in
Child's Play I & 2
Curse of Chucky
Cult of Chucky
Saturday & SundayAutographs $30
Selfie $20 with screen used Chucky Doll
Combo 1 Autograph & Selfie $40
Ickey WoodsCincinnati Bengals StarFriday, Saturday, SundayFriday 2:00-8:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm
$30 autograph
$20 photo op
$40 combo
$10 inscription
Jovante Woods Foundation

 Product can be ordered now and picked up at CSA Booth. If you would like to have product shipped to you please call the office for shipping quote.