Guests, Schedule & Pricing


The Show at Chantilly October 12-14, 2018


Dulles Expo Center

4320 Chantilly Shopping Center

Chantilly, VA 20151

Show Hours: Friday 2 p.m.-8 p.m.     Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.       Sunday  10 a.m.-4 p.m.


Friday 2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. $5
Friday 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. FREE
Friday FREE with Advance Ticket Purchase

Saturday 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. $10
Saturday 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. FREE

Sunday 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. $10
Sunday 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. FREE

Weekend Pass
$20 at Door
$15 in Advance

Kids 12 & under are FREE

At Show Pricing Only…See Mail Order Tab for “Your Item” Price List

Small flats are items that are 11×14 inches or smaller, such as cards, photos, books and magazines.

Large Flats are items larger than 11×14 inches such as photos or posters.

Mini items are mini helmets or mini basketballs.

Premium items are full-size helmets, basketballs, footballs, bats or jerseys.

Inscription ticket must be accompanied by an autograph ticket.

Guests will NOT add an inscription to a previously signed item.

BB’s are baseballs and are considered a small flat.

Original art work is usually a premium unless otherwise noted.

Baseball Equipment usually falls under the Large Flat category.

Photo Ops are taken by a professional photographer from Great American Photo. Up to 5 people can be in the photo.
Pictures are color glossy 8×10’s printed while you wait.
Expect wait times to increase during high volume shows.
Photo op service provided by Great American Photo

ImagePlayerBioDay SigningTimeSmall Flat/BBsLarge FlatMini/Equip.PremiumInscriptionPhoto Op
Shaun Alexander2005 NFL MVPSaturday 10:30-11:30 am606060601560
Mike AlstottSuper Bowl XXXVII ChampionSaturday1:15-2:15pm555555551555
Yano AnayaActorCanceled11:00am-1:00pm Sat
2:00-300-pm Sun
Dick Anderson1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsFriday6:00-7:00pm303030301030
Larry Ball1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday12:30-1:30pm303030301030
Elvin Bethea2003 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday12:00-1:00pm30303030HOF Free/1030
Anquan BoldinSuper Bowl XLVII ChampionSaturday2:00-3:00pm5050507025/3 word max50
Marlin Briscoe1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday12:00-1:00pm303030301030
Robert BrooksSuper Bowl XXXI ChampionSaturday11:00am-12:00pm404040401540
Bill Buckner1980 NL Batting ChampSaturday11:45am-12:45pm303030301035
Andre Burakovsky2018 Stanley Cup ChampionFriday6:30-7:30pm454545452045
LeRoy ButlerSuper Bowl XXXI ChampionSaturday2:00-3:00pm404040401540
Earnest Byner2x Super Bowl ChampionSaturday2:00-3:00pm202020201 Free/ 5, 3 word max30
Clark, Gary Any Item Autograph Ticket...$25Gary Clark2x Super Bowl ChampionSaturday1:45-2:45pm2525252510/ 3 word max30
Monte Coleman70 Greatest RedskinsSaturday1:30-2:30pm202020201 Free/ 5, 3 word max30
Vince Coleman2x All StarSaturday11:15am-12:15pm303030301530
Larry Csonka1987 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday12:45-1:45pm12012012014545120
Tony Dorsett1994 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday1:30-2:30pm9595951253595
Donald DriverSuper Bowl XLV ChampionSunday1:00-2:00pm10010010010040100
Lars Eller2018 Stanley Cup ChampionFriday7:00-8:00pm606060752560
Norm Evans1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday11:45am-12:45pm303030301030
Manny Fernandez1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday12:30-1:30pm303030301030
Marv Fleming1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday1:00-2:00pm303030301030
Steve Garvey10x All StarSunday1:15-2:15pm303030452035
Mark Grace2001 World Series ChampionCanceledCanceled505050602550
Darryl Grant2x Super Bowl ChampionSaturday1:45-2:45pm151515151 Free/ 5, 3 word max30
Darrell Green2008 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday1:00-2:15pm120145145185/30030120
Greene, Joe Premium Autograph  Ticket...$120Joe Greene1987 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday1:45-2:45pm80100100120HOF Free/4580
Griese, Bob Premium Autograph Ticket...$80Bob Griese1990 Pro Football Hall of FameFriday6:00-7:00pm707070803070
Vladimir Guerrero2018 National Baseball Hall of FameSaturday12:00-1:00pm12512512515040125
Bob Heinz1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday12:45-1:45pm303030301030
Vern Den Herder1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday11:45am-12:45pm303030301030
Tom Herr1982 World Series ChampionCanceledCanceled303030301 Free/1030
Whitey Herzog2010 National Baseball Hall of FameSaturday12:45-1:45pm454545552045
Claude Humphrey2014 Pro Football Hall of FameCanceledCanceled454545551 Free/1545
Reggie Jackson1993 National Baseball Hall of FameSaturday1:00-2:00pm10015015020040100
Roy JeffersonSuper Bowl V ChampionSaturday1:45-2:45pm202020201 Free/ 5, 3 word max30
Al Jenkins1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday12:30-1:30pm303030301030
Ed Jenkins1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday12:00-1:00pm303030301030
Brad JohnsonSuper Bowl XXXVII ChampionSunday11:30am-12:30pm454545552045
Curtis Johnson1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsCanceledCanceled303030301030
Leroy Kelly1994 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday1:00-2:00pm35353535HOF Free/1035
Michal Kempný2018 Stanley Cup ChampionFriday7:00-8:00pm353535351535
Paul Krause1998 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday2:00-3:00pm30303030HOF Free/1030
Bob Kuechenberg1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday12:45-1:45pm303030301030
Langer, Jim Photo Op Ticket...$30Jim Langer1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday11:30am-12:30pm303030301030
Tony LaRussa2014 National Baseball Hall of FameCanceledCanceled60808010040 HOF/25 other60
Ray Lewis2018 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday10:30am-12:00pm 14514514519560145
Lilly, Bob Photo Op Ticket...$40Bob Lilly1980 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday1:15-2:15pm404040401 Free/2040
Larry Little1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday1:15-2:15pm303030301030
Rich Milot2x Super Bowl ChampionSaturday2:00-3:00pm151515151 Free/ 5, 3 word max30
Bobby Mitchell1983 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday12:00-1:00pm454545*45HOF only Free45
Lenny Moore1975 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday11:45am-12:45pm30303030HOF Free30
Maulty Moore1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday1:30-2:30pm303030301030
Mercury Morris1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday1:30-2:30pm303030301030
Lloyd Mumphord1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday12:30-1:30pm303030301030
Karl Noonan1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday 12:00-1:00pm303030301030
Green, Joe & Tommy Okon 16x20 Combo Package...$225Tommy OkonActorSunday1:45-2:45pm225225225225"Thanks Mean Joe" onlyN/A
Neal Olkewicz2x Super Bowl ChampionSaturday2:00-3:00pm151515151 Free/ 5, 3 word max30
Alexander Ovechkin2018 Stanley Cup ChampionFriday6:30-8:00pm14514514519555 will only sign the following inscriptions,18 SC Champs, CS 2018, RMNB, or GR8.145
Richie Petitbon3x Super Bowl ChampionSaturday1:30-2:30pm2525252510/ 3 word max30
Jake Plummer2005 Pro Bowl QuarterbackSaturday1:15-2:15pm505050652550
Jim Riley1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsCanceledCanceled303030301030
Dave Robinson2013 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday11:30am-12:30pm303030301 Free/1030
Rypien, Mark Additional Inscription Ticket...$20Mark RypienLegendary Washington Redskins QuarterbackSaturday11:45am-12:45pm505050501 Free/2050
Chris Sabo3x All StarSaturday12:30-1:30pm303030301 Free/1030
Benito Santiago5x All StarSaturday1:30-2:30pm303030301 Free/1030
Warren Sapp2013 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday1:45-2:45pm656565852565
Scott SchwartzActorCanceled11:00am-1:00pm Sat
2:00-300-pm Sun
Jake Scott1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday1:15-2:15pm959595952595
Larry Seiple1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday11:45am-12:45pm303030301030
Ted Simmons8x All StarSaturday1:45-2:45pm404040501540
Devante Smith-Pelly2018 Stanley Cup ChampionFriday7:00-8:00pm606060752560
Ozzie Smith2002 National Baseball Hall of FameSaturday12:30-1:30pm601001001202060
Robert Smith2x Pro BowlSunday1:00-2:00pm4545454515N/A
Otto Stowe1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday11:45am-12:45pm303030301030
Doug Swift1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday12:00-1:00pm303030301030
Lawrence Taylor1999 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday2:15-3:15pm751001001252575
Joe TheismannLegendary Washington Redskins QuarterbackSaturday11:30am-12:30pm606060601 Free/25N/A
Howard Twilley1972 Undefeated Miami DolphinsSunday1:30-2:30pm303030301030
Jakub Vrána2018 Stanley Cup ChampionFriday6:00-7:00pm353535351535
Zack WardActorCanceled11:00am-1:00pm Sat
2:00-300-pm Sun
Warfield, Paul Inscription Ticket...$15Paul Warfield1983 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday11:30am-12:30pm45454565HOF Free/1545
Joe WashingtonSuper Bowl XVII ChampionSaturday2:00-3:00pm202020201 Free/ 5, 3 word max30
Williams, Doug Photo Op Ticket...$65Doug WilliamsLegendary Washington Redskins QuarterbackSaturday11:00am-12:00pm656565651 Free/2565
Mookie Wilson1986 World Series ChampionSaturday11:45am-12:45pm303030301035
Tom Wilson2018 Stanley Cup ChampionFriday7:00-8:00pm606060752560
Robin Yount1999 National Baseball Hall of FameSaturday12:45-1:45pm100120120150/200 Art*40100

The Forward Area

The Show at Chantilly October 12-14, 2018

There are NO tickets for the Forward Autograph Area, therefore you cannot buy advance tickets for Forward Area guests before the show.
You do not need to come to the CSA Booth in order to purchase Forward Area autographs.
In order to purchase an autograph from a Forward Area guest, simply pay at the table where you get your item signed.

Mail Order items are available for Forward Area guests on the Mail Order page.

 GuestBioDayTimeCostCourtesy of
Louis CarterFormer Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back. Threw the first touchdown in Tampa Bay history. Univ. of MDSaturday11:00am-1:00pm$15Breast Cancer Fund
Erik EstradaActor Sunday12:00-4:00pm$40/$100 groupFiterman Sports Group
Ron McDole70 Greatest RedskinsSaturday10:00am-4:00pm$10 any item/Free with book purchaseCSA Shows
Robert PineActorSaturday & Sunday12:00-4:00pm$30/$100 groupFiterman Sports Group
Jane PlankTammy in the first Mighty Ducks movie
Saturday10:30am-1:30pm$15 1 Free inscription.
Photo Op Free with Autograph Purchase
The Philadelphia Connection
Pedro SierraFormer Negro League All Star Friday, Saturday, SundayFriday 2:00-8:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm
signed baseball cards $10, signed 8.5 x11 photos $20, signed baseball $20, signed baseball glove holder $20, signed baseball glove holder with signed baseball $40, signed 12x18 posters $35CSA SHOWS
Danny Tamberelli Mighty Ducks part 1, Adventures of Pete and Pete, All That, The Magic School Bus and The Baby-Sitters ClubSaturday11:00am-2:30pm$20/ 1 free inscription. Free photo op with a purchase of a autograph

The Philadelphia Connection
Tony ToddActorSaturday12:00-2:00pm$35The Philadelphia Connection
Larry WilcoxActorSaturday & Sunday12:00-4:00pm$40/$100 groupFiterman Sports Group


 Product can be ordered now and picked up at CSA Booth